Whisper in the fishing world that Fish Fun Co. was working on a revolutionary fishing product is true! The hottest new fishing idea for 2014 is finally here! The “Bait Bucket” is the revolutionary new fishing apparatus for rc boats. A removable attachment that you can put on any rc boat for disbursing chum and to take out your baited hook and line out from a fishing pole. The “Bait Bucket” will transport a nice size amount of any kind of chum with  precision and release your baited hook anywhere you drive the rc boat.

Fish Fun Co. Remote Control Boat Chum Device Fits any Rc Boat.

Rc Fishing Boat with The Rc Fishing Pole abd Bait Bucket.

Fish Fun Co., the leading manufacturer of rc fishing equipment announced the launch of the “Bait Bucket”, available at Rcfishingworld.com as an accessory to go with their popular “Rc Fishing Pole”. The “Bait Bucket” is an optional accessory, costs $9.95. Remote assisted fishing and chumming has great advantages, imagine creating a spot that fish are attracted to that they regularly go to and all you have to do is catch them. The best part of fishing is catching fish so wouldn’t it make sense to improve the odds by attracting them to where your line is.

Fill the “Bait Bucket” with any kind of food fish will eat and the fish will come to the free meal. Besides the available chum mixes available at most sporting goods stores for anything like Panfish to Carp there are many ingredients in your kitchen that you already have to make a tasty meal for any fish. Common ingredients are simple as dog food or cat food, bread, flour, kool-aid is also a know fish attractant ingredient for home made freshwater fishing chum.

One of the techniques you can employ when chumming with the “Bait Bucket” is chumming a spot. This technique is creating a fish feeding spot that will attract the fish until you actually fish the spot. Deliver the chum every day foe a week or so before fishing it. The fish will go to the spot daily expecting the free meal, after a few days of setting the chum out you deploy your baited hook to the spot and “Bammo”! Creating a custom fishing spot will attract everything, the small fish go to it, and the big fish follow, they are attracted to the small fish.

Chumming can be used for Bluegill, Bass, Catfish, Carp and even Pike, and many other fish species.Shark-caught-w-bait-bucket

Now is the right time for you to take advantage of the new innovations for modern fishing by using a remote control boat to score some really big fish or to just have some exciting fishing fun. A complete Remote Control Fishing Boat set up is available from Fish Fun Co. for under $100.00 right now. One of the innovations with the Fish Fun Co. products are that you don’t have to use their rc boat, you can attach “The Rc Fishing Pole” on any rc boat. A Fish Fun Co. Rc Fishing Boat is a simple system, a basic rc boat. The main feature is the range of the boat 300-400 feet and an upgradable battery system.

Learn more about Fishing with remote control boats and chumming with the “Bait Bucket” on Rcfishingworld.com, including rc fishing videos and three different  rc fishing vessels to start catching a limit of fish and possibly a fish you can brag to your buddies about!