Animal Planet Debuts the New Hit Show “Top Hooker” This Summer. The show is based on the ever popular “Survivor” series TV Show-except this competition pits two teams of expert fishermen against each other. Ultimately the last fisherman standing is to be crowned Americas Top Hooker, and wins a New Chevy Truck and $30,000 Dollars!

The fishermen were caught off guard when their fishing expertise was tested to the limits with this unconventional fishing equipment they had never heard of. Each fisherman is given their own Rc Fishing Boat with Fish Funs Co.’s. Rc Fishing Pole”. Catch a fish with your rc boat and you’re safe from being eliminated, and go on to the next competition! After heading to the bait shack the competitors come back with their choice of favorite lures to troll with the Rc Fishing Pole and boats. A nice fat nightcrawler bagged the first fish, a healthy 12″ trout! top-hooker-Pretty-girl-rc-fishing

Additionally these pro rc fishermen opted to rig their Rc Fishing Poles upside down, they also attached a flag. Since the Rc Fishing Pole was underwater the flag would indicate if they had a strike. Watch the video of “Top Hooker Elimination Round Five” and see The Rc Fishing Pole and Rc Fishing Live Action! Hats went off to the South Carolina Fishing Guide Patrick Crawford who won the Ttile “Americas Top Hooker”! He said The remote-control boat challenge, for example, was comical! Congratulations to Patrick. Look him up next time you’re fishing in Charleston, South Carolina.