Welcome to RC Bait Boat, a paradise for fishermen and their families…

We have dedicated this blog to research on the latest fishing inventions concerning remote control boat equipment and the boats themselves. Imagine having the ability to speed through waters, getting around in the smallest places that you wouldn’t even dare your big boat to go! You could essentially catch up to 70% fish by doing this.  The beauty of it is that the compact remote control bait boat will do all the work for you.

Of course, when you are ready to reel it in yourself – you still can. This allows you to have full control. This is very important to many fishermen. If you are someone who is searching for the latest fishing inventions on remote control boats, we have done all the research for you by providing details, sizes, shape description and even where you can find these rare boats too.

RC Fishing is an extremely fun activity for anyone to enjoy. You can show off your remote control boat to friends, and even share it with the family. Kids love these boats because they have a genuine interest in battery operated devices which fly through the water. They can sit calmly, almost watching for hours. This is a great way to keep your children in one place without having them run all over. RC bait boats are also for adults and seniors too!

Fish Fun Co., Michigan based, Made in the USA
Turns any r/c boat into a rc fishing boat! Take a regular remote control toy or hobby grade remote control boat, put “The RC FIshing Pole” on it, attach the fishing line, hook, bobber, included and go fishing.
Kids love pulling fish in with the boat, also has line release to catch big fish, the real fisherman likes this feature.
Fish Fun Co also sells The RC FIshing Pole with several model rc boats, ready for fishing.