During the summer, finding different ways to spend your time is easy to do. One of the most popular experiences these days is camping and almost everyone who camps will head on to the Lake to do their fishing. Dragging your kids down there can be a hassle since they can’t stay put in one place and they just constantly run around.

I was searching for toys on the Internet that my kids could play with while camping, and I even found something I could use as well. It’s called the “Bait Casting Boat”. When I first came across this boat, I was genuinely surprised. It’s definitely something that technology has molded over the years, with it’s remote control fishing features. This boat comes from Fish Fun Co. and provides you with the ultimate fishing experience that you won’t forget.

You can fish from a few feet away to up to 300 with it. When my kids got their hands on this bait casting boat, they were hooked. They would practically stay in one place while watching this spectacular boat. There have been so many times that I wanted to cast a line just under some trees and wasn’t able to do this because I couldn’t get out that far, or the line would get stuck. With this remote control boat, I no longer have this issue.

This boat is roughly 3 feet long or 32 inches. They call it the “Radio Ranger”. Fish Fun company certainly outdid themselves with this boat. These boats are difficult to find in stores but if you want one just like mine, you can get yours directly from the RC Fishing World website which is a popular remote control boat store. Be sure to pick up the RC Fishing pole because you may need this to use with the boat and it is only $20 for this fun accessory.