Toy boats have been around for as long as teddy bears were, and when you had been a child – I’m sure 1 was on your Christmas list. RC (remote control) boats are a well-liked branch with the RC toy craze. RC boats come is a extensive selection of types ranging from small and leisurely to quick and furious. A fairly new addition to the remote control family is the remote control boats that go fishing. Remote or Radio control fishing vessels are well-liked with all ages and skill sets. The extreme RC boat hobbyist seems to lean in the direction of pace racers, although the avid collector likes to build and design his own sailboats and cruisers. Along comes The RC Fishing Pole and all of a sudden any RC Boat can be turned into a rc fishing boat!

The term Bait Boat as these are called refer to a remote control boat that drops the bait off at a given spot, and baitcasting is bringing the fishing line out too. It sounds complicated but, lets look at the bait boat. These have a holder on the boat, like a cup, you fill it with your favorite fish attractant, anything you want that will attract the fish to the spot you deciede. Then the boat releases it there, and you have a concentration of fish where you drop your bait, it’s the same as chumming the water. Bait boats seem to be especially popular in the UK where fishing for Carp is a sport. There are packages of carp bait you can buy, you fill up the bait boat with the carp bait, drive the boat out and release it. You could use corn, bread, anything that will bring the fish to the spot you want.

As far as baitcasting goes, these model boats also can tow your fishing line and hook out to where you dump your bait. So, thats where we get the term Rc Fishing Boat with Bait Casting, these are also called Bait Boats, and Rc Fishing Boats.

These Rc Fishing Boats range in price from a couple of hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars. Features differ also so you cqan get a rc boat for fishing that is tailored to your needs and budget.

The simplest and most affordable way to go Rc Fishing is to buy a remote control boat and rig a line release yourself. If you don’t want to mess with that you can find a nifty little product called “The RC Fishing Pole”. It will turn any rc boat into a rc fishing boat, not tools, screws, or glue required, cost, about $20.00 usd and available from It has the line release feature that rc bait casting boats have. One additional feature is aimed for kids that like to pull in fish with the boat.

Any time you work with an radio managed device, you encounter RC frequencies, and also the range of RC boats is no exception. The world of RC boats deals primarily with the frequencies that fall into the 27 MHz and 75 MHz bands. The individual frequencies have their personal channels as well.

Consider some of the remote control boat models below

* Remote control fishing boat-a remote control boat that features a way to use it for fishing.
* Rc Fishing Boat- Same as a remote Control Fishing Boat.
* Bait Boat- a remote control boat that holds bait and can release it to attract fish to a given spot.
* Sailing yachts – for those quiet cruises, and the lack of fumes.
* Racing fishing vessels – from cigar designs to hydroplanes to high-speed fishing vessels to other crafts
* Hovercraft – amphibious designs that float above h2o or land.
* Military vessels – stage a battle at sea, or patrol our shores with a coast guard model.
* Cabin cruisers – live aboard designs that navigate the high seas.
* Operating vessels – like a tugboat to steer barges across the harbor, police boats to maintain law and order around the waters, and fire fighting boats for waterfront emergencies.
* Submarines – discover the ocean depths.

No matter what your aquatic wishes draw you towards, there’s a boat waiting just for you. But today, out of all those boats – one of the most popular ones is the remote control fishing boats to aid you in catching fish.