Many individuals from all over the world love to fish because it is usually so peaceful. And, for those who prefer to be on the water, a variety of different boats can be found. If you don’t have a real boat then a great idea for getting your line out as far as a real boat is a remote control fishing boat. Whenever you go out to purchase a remote control fishing boat for yourself or your family, make sure that you assess your fishing requirements. Rc Fishing boats differ in size and features. Some come with lights that are supposed to attract the fish, sonar fish finders, etc. There are also simple ones without the unnecessary things you don’t need. They’re just ideal for any recreational fishing situation.

Building your own rc fishing boat can be done, a nifty idea is The RC Fishing Pole too. Just attach it to any rc boat and you’re ready for fishing.

The Remote Control Fishing Pole

The fascination is with the Distance these Remote Control fishing boats can go is amazing considering a person can only cast about 60-70 feet, and kids about 20-40 feet. People are always trying to build a better boat, but considering not only the ability to sail across water, but also the time consuming assembly procedure. RC boat hobbyists take a lot delight in constructing their boats and entering them in competitions. Many race in tournaments hoping to obtain a trophy or ribbon. These Remote  Control Boat kits come in three various models: ARR boat kits, builder’s packages, and RTR, (ready to run) vessel kits. So, basically the technology is there, and if  you don’t want to build one, you can find one to suit your needs.

Really you can just build your own RC Fishing Boat. You’re going to need some knowledge about rc, (remote control) to do it unless you buy a regular rc boat and rig or convert it for fishing. Building one from scratch is not as complicated as you would think because the parts are available at any hobby shop, or ebay. You need to start with a motor, battery, servo, rudder, propeller shaft, and whats called an esc, (speed control). You are also going to need the transmitter and matching receiver. If it were me I would just buy a rc boat and take all the parts out, it would be alot less expensive, then you can always customize it.

To learn more about how to build it refer to a website forum like RC Universe where rc guys talk about how to actually build one.