Bait boats have found a big part in modern day carp and pike angling. Accurate baiting is a key success to catch specimen fish and the use of a bait boat can keep you putting bait on the same spot every time with as little bait or as much as you can carry if your baiting up a spot for a big hit of fish or just fishing for a fish at a time bait boats will definately help you in doing this. * 27 Mhz AM 2 channel radio system – microprocessor enhanced * Three ultrasonic sealed zero maintenance up rated jet pumps – fast, efficient and quiet * Twin independent hoppers – with add on particle curtains * Proportional forward and single reverse * Echo sounder acceptable: Yes * Three high intensity navigation LEDs (orange, red and green) * Size: 570mm x 300mm x 260mm * Weight: 7kg approximately * Bait capacity: 4kg approximately * Running time (at maximum speed): 45 minutes * Free instructional video included
Video Rating: 4 / 5