It’s summer now and your enjoying your fishing experience. One popular new tool for those who enjoy catching fish is the RC Fishing Boat with bait casting. It’s 400 foot range will shock you and the two identical 390 motors allows you to easily handle the boat. You’ll receive a channeled radio system to control your RC boat and catch fish along your “cruising” journey. It cleverly reaches in places that your boat can’t, so getting under tree’s, around rocks, and more is so much easier these days.

The LuckyStrike boat is a favorite among most RC users. Even though this is a great boat, the Radio Ranger RC is the top rated because of what it offers. With this particular type, you can use it’s RC fishing pole which is included with the boat. Or bought separate for $20, if you want to add all the features of a rc fishing boat to your own rc boat.

Quite a few people often ask me what type of power these boats hold. And to be more specific, I have had a few of my friends inquire if the boat has actually been pulled under by a monster fish – say something that is 40 pounds? The way it works is that once you get a fish on the hook, the boat will release the line and then you can reel it in. This way, your investment doesn’t get dragged beneath the lake’s surface. I have been able to catch two fifteen pound fish within the year which is substantial amount, considering where I come from – there are not too many under water species swimming around.

If you are looking to catch smaller fish with your boat just along the shore, you can attach it to it’s fish hook line with the bobber as well. This get’s hooked onto the RC fishing pole. In the case you want to use your RC fishing boat to catch a big fish, just attach a line release pad and your all set.