Three Reasons Why You Want to Try Fishing with a Remote Control Boat! Price, Fun, and Quality!
1.) PRICE- $59.95+Shipping Your basic remote control boat and accessories with The RC Fishing Pole.
2.) FUN- Come on! Fishing with a rod is cool, but imagine the fun you have being able to put your fishing line out far. Imagine the look on people when you deliver your fishing line and bait right to the fish’s face! Here’s a way to deliver your line and release it or pull in fish with the boat! Got a Bluegill pond? Send this baby out and hook one, drive the fish to shore, unbelievable fishing action!
3.) QUALITY-Check the features out! What you’re getting is a complete remote control boat, ready to run. Features twin motors, 27-40 megahertz receiver and transmitter, batteries, and charger. Charge the battery and go, if you’re a rc hobbiest or a tinkerer these boats are ready for your modifications. Go brushless, the come with brushed twin 380-390 motors, imagine putting a brushless 540 in one and watch it rip the lips off the fish (just kidding)! As is or modified, these boats have alot of style too! Check out, no fishing pole fishing! With a remote control boat you further your chances of hooking a large one, you double your chance of having the most fun you ever had! Don’t take myword for it, check out the rc fishing videos, and make up your own mind!