If you own a real fishing boat then nothing beats the excitement of a day of fishing, and going after your catch.
On the other hand if you don’t have a real boat there’s no reason you can’t still enjoy the real fishing boat features, even if you’re sitting on the shore or fishing from a dock.
We know one of the main reasons a real boat has the advantage over fishing in a stationary place like a dock is the ability to travel and go to the fish wherever they are, plus being on a boat is fun. I remember the times all too well that I sat on the dock watching the fishing boats going out and coming back with a stringer of fish and me coming home with nothing but splinters!
No doubt though we are not always lucky enough to bring in a fish, and for some after too many tries going fishing is a deal breaker. Some people just don’t want to go fishing because of the likelihood of sitting out in the sun all day for nothing.

Remote control boat attachment for catching fish.

Made in The USA by Fish Fun Co Click for larger view Attach The RC Fishing Pole on any rc boat and go fishing

Luckily, a new invention allows fishermen and kids to have fun at this sport with remote control boats, the wife might even like it too!

Man catch's alot of fish with a remote control boat

If you go fishing all the time and have never heard of a remote control fishing boat, you are definitely in for a treat.
These little specialized fishing boats will help you reel in small or large fish.
You might wonder how this is possible without dragging the boat down under water by a large fish; well it is – with a fishing pole attachment.
You can basically release the line from the boat once a fish is caught and reel it in yourself.
The remote control fishing boat allows you to squeeze in the smallest of places on a lake. For example, you might know that the best place for fishing is under the trees because most fish like shady places, surrounded by many greens to take cover. However, your large boat can’t fit underneath that area.
With the RC boat, you can easily use the remote control to cruise it around the area without getting stuck, because it is so small and compact.
These remote control boats are very sleek and designed to cascade through the water quickly. You can actually watch a few Youtube videos and our video here to see more.  Right now the top fishing boats is the Lucky Strike and the all-time favorite – The Radio Ranger.
While these are hard to find in stores, you are able to pick them up at RC Fishing World which is a popular store for all your fishing needs.  Your children will absolutely have loads of fishing fun with this.